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Marine Canvas Technical Specifications

Our Marine Canvas is a high quality acrylic fabric that delivers superior performance against all outside conditions, with its resistance to water, air permeability, dimensional and UV stability making it the perfect fabric choice exterior or marine environments.


  • High resistance to sunlight and outdoor conditions

  • Unsurpassed colour stability

  • Maximum efficiency to tearing due to stretching

  • Substantial breathing and moisture-regulating properties

  • Tightly woven finish with a traditional/natural appearance with UV treatments

Water & Stain Resistant Icon-01.png
Mold _ Mildew Icon-01.png
 Easy Care Icon-01.png
Abrasion Resistant Icon-01.png

Weight (finished): 330g/m²

Width: 150cm

Finish: Natural appearance

Yarn: 100% Acrylic, Solution dyed

Tensile strength: Warp 1400N/50mm Weft 1000N/50mm

Water resistance: 800mm


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