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Marine Canvas Care & Cleaning

Marine Canvas is amazingly easy to maintain, & most spills can be cleaned with mild soap & water. For tough stains, bleach can be used without fear of damaging the fabric or removing the colour.

The best way to keep Marine fabrics looking good & to delay deep or vigorous cleaning is to properly maintain the fabric. This can be accomplished by simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded and wiping up spills as soon as they occur or spot cleaning soon after stains occur.

General or light cleaning;

• Brush off any loose dirt.

• Prepare a cleaning solution of 60 ml mild soap for 4 l of lukewarm water (less than 40°C).

• Clean with a soft bristle brush and allow cleaning solution to soak into fabric being careful not to touch the print which should only be cleaned with a soft cloth.

• Rinse thoroughly and allow the fabric to air dry.

• If necessary, use an iron set to “synthetic fabric” heat. DO NOT use a steamer or an iron with steam setting or Iron the Branding. Always Iron from the reverse & use a sacrificial clean, cotton cloth.

Re-treating the fabric for ease of cleaning

Marine fabrics have a special finish that enhances water repellency. The finish is designed to last for several years of normal use, but may be refreshed, with 303 High Tech Fabric Guard™, the preferred re-treatment product for Marine fabrics. please inquire.


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